Artur Kovyazin
Chef who Knows how to Make Great Dishes
that Leave Great Memories

Food prepared by Artur Kovyazin

Who I Am and What I Do

I am a British professional chef of Russian origin, thriving for the excellence in modern cuisine, new experience, self-development & carrier opportunity. I love to experiment with molecular cuisine and create unique bouquets of tastes, colours and aromas!

I attend culinary classes and regularly travel abroad. These opportunities give me the chance to try new foods and experience different cultures, so once I come back, I am creative, inspired and motivated! Also, working as a chef in exceptional places, like [email protected] or Annabel's, I have a high chance of meeting celebrities, get to know famous or prominent personalities, and be able to serve them with an excellent cuisine!

Contact Me

I am happy to hear your comment or opinion, or if you wish to get in touch with me for professional services. I treat every person individually and deem to respond upon my earliest possibility. Othewrise, find me on social channels and I shall be glad to add you as my friend. I also ask my friends, such as Beauty therapist Dana, my suppliers, partners and colleagues join my social circle. See you on socials!